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Laria Beauty Mini Foundation Kit - Organiser for Foundation Bottles

Laria Beauty Mini Foundation Kit - Organiser for Foundation Bottles

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Our clear Mini Foundation Kit was designed to make your life and work easier by helping you organise and store your foundations more effectively and make room for new beauty products! We Understand the struggle of trying to accommodate all the different shades and textures in your makeup kit, But why carry all the bulk when there’s a smart solution?

Our Mini Foundation Kit is designed to reduce bottle weight and save space, allowing you to streamline your collection and avoid the hassle of carrying excessive products and carry lighter.

Whether you are a professional makeup artist or love to glam up at home, this foundation kit allows you to sort and organise your foundation bottles, Mix and match the right shade or travel more conveniently to your client’s location! Spacious, travel-friendly, and equipped with compartments, dividers and easy-to-refill dropper bottles with childproof caps and a small tip allowing for controlled dispensing.

  • Perfect Shade-Matching Foundation Kit: Tired of never finding the right shade for your skin? With the Laria Beauty foundation kit and makeup storage bag, you can create your custom shade, a 100% match! The foundation kit is perfect to decant, mix and match, or store your liquid foundation or loose powders, creating an efficient makeup storage system!
  • Whats Included: The Laria Beauty Mini Foundation Kit doesn’t come alone but with 4 sets of dividers that keep the foundation bottles neatly organised and upright and 24 dropper bottles that are super easy to refill as well as secure!
  • Efficient Makeup Organisation: The clear makeup bag with zipper are equipped with 24 compartments that keep the foundation bottles neatly organised and prevent spills but also allow you to organise and store your makeup supplies more effectively and keep them always within reach.
  • Sleek, Compact and Travel-Friendly: Say goodbye to clutter and organise your makeup essentials and foundations with ease, This clear cosmetic bag is spacious yet compact and easy to carry.
  • Secure, Leakproof Bottles: This professional makeup bag is equipped with 15ml empty dropper bottles that are leakproof and equipped with childproof caps with a tight seal to make sure your liquid foundation or loose powders remains intact at all times.


  • Dimensions: 5x1.2cm
  • Material : PVC + PU Leather
  • Dual zippered closure
  • Transparent makeup bag
  • Strong handle for easy carrying
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly
  • 4 sets of dividers
  • Reduces clutters and improves organisation
  • Includes 24 dropper bottles
  • Leakproof bottles with childproof caps
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